The Cut was created to be a voice outside of the chorus. To promote a new idea of a bespoke, timeless, Italian-made kitchen, far removed from stereotypes. Adaptable beyond all limits and customisable to suit all needs. Every model proposed can be reconfigured precisely to cater for different requirements.

The value of manufacturing tradition in the Veneto region joins forces with design and its countless details to give rise to a cosy, authentic kitchen environment able to kindle emotions and reawaken the pleasure of spending time together and the value of sharing. A kitchen project that does not respond to market rationales and trends in style, but reflects a desire for uniqueness. Ideas, gestures and know-how are the fruit of the passion, dedication and enthusiasm that the brand seeks to convey by reawakening the senses and connecting with nature to reach the essence, the attention to detail that sparks our enthusiasm and accompanies our pleasurable moments of everyday life.

The Cut perceives needs across the board, embracing different styles and international markets. Traditional craftsman’s quality interprets the creative project and gives depth to a corporate vision centred around authentic Italian excellence and an attentive interpretation of attitudes, customs and lifestyles. At the centre is the desire to interpret different requirements by playing with the sophistication of the materials, with the textures of the wood, the metals that in contact with light enhance the changing colours, with the dematerialisation and lightness of glass combined with aluminium, all blending elegant aesthetics with high technological performance.

The Company, with its 85 employees and a 20,000 sqm manufacturing facility not far from Venice, moves within the sphere of Operational Excellence, following the principles of lean management. It has developed an integrated cycle, total quality model: study, R&D and prototyping result in direct production, where new ideas take shape. A global sales network is built on a network of distributors and dealers operating in various countries worldwide, with an export turnover that exceeds 70% of total.

The Cut flagship stores are spaces for making ideas concrete. Here the brand can show its ability to interpret time. Situated in the centre of Milan, in the Brera district, the The Cut flagship is a chance to live a different preset.
The Cut reinterprets the meaning of the kitchen environment, designing spaces laden with symbolic elements as well as functions essential to the dynamics of residential living. Each arrangement proposed has a tailored cut and creates a symbiotic relationship between the vital areas of the home, which penetrate each other through a co-ordinated image based on clean-cut, essential lines. Movement, space and interaction are the project’s three philosophical prerequisites, making the kitchen the place that changes most often over the course of the day – a fluid environment to reflect different lifestyles. The space thus becomes a receptacle of shared moments, which change with the time of day, situations and people present. The shapes clothe the space and address the needs, helping to enhance contacts and communication between people so that the pleasures of everyday life can be enjoyed.

The aesthetic environment brings the natural world closer to home by centring the project around the oriental philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which is founded on the acceptance that things are transitory and imperfect. In a globalised world, where everything tends to become standardised, The Cut embodies a lifestyle that interprets a wealth of diversity in terms of desires, preferences and aspirations, rendering these tangible in a physical setting that connects with people’s emotional dimension.
The fruit of fabio setten’s entrepreneurial experience in the industry and the vision of architect alessandro isola, the brand’s art director, the cut allows maximum design freedom by guaranteeing flexibility and multi-functionality. The vision is to promote, in Italy and elsewhere, an idea of a kitchen devoid of constraints that interprets contemporary requirements. A genuine Italian excellence that brings with it a new vision of the future shaped by the desire to experience the kitchen environment as a time for sharing.
Minimalism, beauty in imperfection, pure lines and versatility are placed at the service of people.
The Cut proposes architecture made into a kitchen that positions itself in the high-end kitchen sector, with a pronounced tailored profile and an innate vocation for customisation aimed at the premium end of the market. The project features multiple configurations and interprets the contemporary expression of seamless domestic spaces, with the design’s distinctive features being fluidity and lightness. The Cut was created from free, exciting research that takes us beyond the present… in order to impress!