At Fuorisalone 2022 The Cut presents Nativia: a new kitchen idea to awaken the pleasure of being together

During Design Week in Milan, scheduled to take place from 7 to 12 June 2022, inside the The Cut flagship store, a series of gastronomic delights will highlight the symbolic and social relationship between conviviality and the kitchen environment. The occasion is the presentation of Nativia, created to transform the kitchen into a space where relations and experimentation take place. Nativia addresses contemporary requirements by creating an open environment – a space to cook, have breakfast, study and work in – that encourages conversation between people by forming a receptacle for shared moments, which change according to the time of day, situations and people. Design meets requirements by helping to create emotions and satisfying our need to enjoy everyday life. Movement, space and interaction are the three preconditions of the project, which interprets the kitchen environment as fluid and changing, able to transform several times over the course of the day to reflect different lifestyles. The aesthetic created by Nativia brings the natural world closer to home, by centring the project around the oriental philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, founded on the acceptance of the transitory and imperfect nature of things. In a globalised world, where everything tends to become standardised, The Cut identifies a lifestyle that interprets the wealth of diversity of our desires, preferences and aspirations, fulfilling these in a physical setting that connects with people’s emotional sphere. So much more than a kitchen, The Cut thus brings with it the idea of a new space, amazing in its essential simplicity, which conceives the living area as a shared open space where design is key to making the kitchen the new location, where expressions and relations are interwoven and home life plays out.

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