Shared passion, complimentary skills

To achieve a breakthrough kitchen project that is radically configurable and practical in its beauty
“For us, the process of designing is never finished: we are always questioning ourselves, searching for a new equilibrium between aesthetics and function with the objective of designing timeless, uncompromising style”

Fabio Setten - Founder The Cut Kitchen

Unique details and high quality materials are the distinctive features of an approach that aims to evolve and continuously develop high performance ideas and solutions. Competencies, expert advice and quality cannot be accessory elements. The Cut transforms an idea into reality, and extends its kitchen vision to 360°, to create new opportunities and offer the public a highly original alternative.


Golden A’ Design Award UK, 2014 The Cut kitchen project wins the Golden A ‘Design Award in the Kitchens category.
Architizer A+Awards USA, 2015-2017 The Cut program upon its release in 2015 and for two subsequent years it wins the ARCHITIZER A + AWARD in the Kitchen category.

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The Cut
Via Pacinotti 54
30020 Pramaggiore (VE)

T +39 0421 2026

The Cut Flagship Store
Via Pontaccio 3
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