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The Cut was created to be a voice outside of the chorus. To promote a new idea of a bespoke, timeless, Italian-made kitchen, far removed from stereotypes; adaptable beyond all limits and customisable to suit all needs. Every model proposed can be reconfigured precisely to cater for different requirements. The result of this design approach is a high-end kitchen that defines the environment by merging with it. The Cut interprets the requirements of this period in time, making flexibility and multi-functionality the foundation of its very nature, where the key element is dynamism.
Movement, space and interaction are the prerequisites of the project: a fluid kitchen environment and the area that most often changes over the course of the day, reflecting different lifestyles. Much more than a kitchen, The Cut brings with it the idea of a new space featuring amazing essential simplicity, which conceives the living area as a shared open space. The infinite possible configurations free design from all functional constrictions: design becomes key to making the kitchen a new place where expressions and relations are interwoven and home life plays out.


The Cut tells a story of attention to form, a passion for materials and integration between technology and design. An expression of style that seeks to amaze due to the elegance of its details and movements. The concept of the project stems from pure form: a parallelepiped cut horizontally creating two superimposed blocks. An iconic built-in sliding table, which can slide horizontally or rotate 90°, and by being moved can create different types of kitchen and arrangements. Each designed to accompany a different time of day or the need for a different balance between space, function and conviviality.


The Cut interprets the kitchen environment as a way of healing the relationship between the natural and domestic worlds. At the centre of the stylistic project is the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which reflects an oriental vision of the world based on the acceptance of the transitory and imperfect nature of things, sometimes described as “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty”. In a globalised world, where everything tends to become standardised, The Cut is identified as a lifestyle that accepts complexity yet at the same time appreciates the simplicity of the pure, and the beauty of the unusual.


Warm, textured, compelling surfaces. The Cut presents simple shapes sporting clean-cut lines, composed of natural, tactile materials that convey sensations of wellbeing. The colour palettes maintain a balance in style expressed through delicate, plain colours, with no stark contrasts between nuances, tones and shades, resulting in great aesthetic purity. The textured finishes express both uniqueness and surface depth, while the materials show off their prized distinctive peculiarities and imperfections. In an expressive dialogue that is always different.

History and founders

Dreaming is part of a designer’s life. When architect Alessandro Isola, who trained with Foster + Partners and today is The Cut Art Director, proposed an original, breakthrough kitchen concept to his friend, entrepreneur Fabio Setten, they understood that an idea could lead to the creation of a brand. There was a need to promote – in Italy and worldwide – an idea of a cross-cutting kitchen that was also an original and authentic Italian excellence, with the aim of bringing new furniture design content and form to the public and a new vision of the future moulded around contemporary requirements. The Cut is the result of an on-going comparison between what already exists and what is about to be created, which interprets time and needs in the light of new forms and functions. The result of free, exciting research oriented towards going beyond the present.

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