The kitchen space: a vital environment of relation and experimentation.

In the new era of living, the sharp separation of spaces is replaced by a perfect integration of environments.
Nativia by The Cut was born with this mission in mind. To create an open environment by fostering exchanges among people from the living room and beyond, including outdoor spaces. A project of elegant minimalism, daring in its simplicity, endlessly flexible and fully customisable, and always boasting the unique details and materials of The Cut kitchens.




Ceramic (M025) Vint Gris Natural


Solid wood staved (L0004) Walnut staved

Door type

Minima door

12 mm thick door in matt lacquered polyester coated aluminum covered in ceramic or glass.

Special elements

Door in slatted solid wood

New door with a refined aesthetic. A tactile and visual

experience that introduces a new design statement:

solid wood. Available also in the lacquered version, the

new slatted door expresses movement yet at the same

time linearity and verticality.

Storage tray

A real accessorised multifunction tray with drain,

which can be composed as required with modules

available with power sockets, spices and jar rack,

plants, chopping boards, ladles, for resting plates and

glasses even when wet.

Yugen system

A modular and customizable open structure with

frames in matte metal with coordinated shelves

and accessories that use the same wood chosen for

the space. The system can be placed on the wall or

attached to the ceiling.

Zen door

Metal-frame door featuring a neat, elegant, simple

design. Suitable for highly linear projects and

arrangements with formal, clean-cut lines.

Art door

The linear, essential Art through door is built into

the arrangement, simulating a column door. Allows

passage from the kitchen into an ancillary room, such

as a pantry, or other area of the home.

Tecno shelf

Illuminated, painted aluminium shelf with interlocking

structural shelf supports. Supplied with 4 mm tempered

glass bottom. Available with LED bar providing 11.4 W/

lm warm (3000 K) or natural (4000 K) light.

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